Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Following the 2003 Block Exemption European law, we can protect your vehicle warranty when you choose to have services with us.

A car diagnostic test will identify problems with a car’s engine and other parts. Introduced in recent years, microchips and sensors help us to accurately repair vehicle issues. With our software, we will be able to complete electric diagnostics, inspecting areas such as the engine management system and brake anti-lock system.

It’s illegal to drive with an invalid MOT certificate. If your car fails and your certificate is out of date, your vehicle can only be driven to scheduled repair and MOT appointments, though only if safe to drive.

We never recommend driving a vehicle that has failed its MOT. If you do drive it, you may not have cover from your insurance provider.

MOT’s at Mann Autoservices cost £50.

Wheel alignment involves squaring car wheels and axles, so they move in the same direction. The suspension angles, including the camber, thrust, caster and toe, that affect tire movement and positioning, will be examined and adjusted by the mechanic.

Just a few indicators that your brakes need replacing include: grinding or squealing noises when braking, brake pedals sinking to the floor, warning light, sticking handbrakes, leaks on inner wheels, the vehicle pulling to the left or right when braking and vibration. If you are experiencing issues that are not on this list, then still contact our team to arrange a check.

Yes, notice is required (subject to availability) – ensure to check your insurance to make sure you are covered.